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A quick reminder for those buying $OMEME tokens via the Ethereum network during the presale: these tokens won't be suitable for staking! We recommend buying on BSC if you want to stake.

How to Stake

For those who invested in the presale, staking is now available. Follow the steps below to stake your $OMEME and start earning.

  1. Go to our official page and click on the “Staking” menu, or directly open the link below:

  2. If you chose the “Buy and Stake” option when you purchased, your tokens will already be automatically staked, and you can see your balance under “Staked Balance.”

  3. If you have tokens that are not yet staked, the balance will appear under “Your Stakeable.”

  4. To stake these tokens, simply click on “Stake” and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  5. In “Estimated Rewards,” you will see the current staking yield rate. Note that this rate is dynamic; learn more in the section "How staking works".

  6. When your rewards are available, they will appear under “Total Rewards.” To claim them, just click on “Claim Rewards” and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  7. After 7 days that the token claim is available, you will be able to withdraw your staked tokens. To do that, you should click in “Withdraw Staked Tokens” and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Please note that all pre-staked tokens can be withdrawn 7 days after the token claim goes live, which will happen after the presale is complete.

All tokens that are not staked will be available to claim on the day of listing on a Centralized Exchange (CEX), after 14 presale rounds.

How Staking Works

The distribution of $OMEME reward tokens will occur at a rate of 713.47 $OMEME per BSC block over a period of 2 years. This makes the annual reward rate dynamic and variable over time based on the total amount of tokens staked.

In essence, these rewards will be divided among the total tokens in stake ("Total Staked"). Therefore, the more tokens that are staked, the lower the reward rate will be.

Thus, buying and staking $OMEME early offers significant benefits, as early buyers can enjoy higher returns for a longer period before the rate adjusts.

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