Clear as water!

Basic information

Stake $OMEME to earn $OMEME!

Stake rewards are dynamic percentage based*. When you buy $OMEME you can immediately put it to work.

*Dynamic percentage - it's a fixed amount of tokens per block, and they're split between everyone staking based on how much of the staking pool has been done by them.

Token Distribution

  1. Presale (40%): 20 billion tokens

    • Aimed at early investors and supporters, offering tokens at a discounted rate before the public sale or exchange listing.

    • Funds raised can support initial development, marketing, and liquidity.

  2. Staking Rewards (20%): 10 billion tokens

    • Rewards distributed to users who stake their tokens, encouraging long-term holding and reducing circulating supply.

    • Rewards are distributed dynamically.

  3. Liquidity Pool (15%): 7.5 billion tokens

    • Crucial for ensuring the coin's liquidity on exchanges.

    • Helps maintain price stability and facilitates easy trading.

  4. Marketing and Partnerships (10%): 5 billion tokens

    • For promoting the coin, forming partnerships, and expanding market presence.

    • Essential for driving user adoption and sustaining growth.

  5. Development Fund (10%): 5 billion tokens

    • Supports ongoing and future project developments, features, and updates.

    • Funds technology improvements and innovation.

  6. Community Fund (5%): 2.5 billion tokens

    • Dedicated to engaging with and rewarding the community through events, competitions, bounties, and educational programs.

*Amounts not used in each sector will be burned.

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